10Laser Clinic

20 Years Helping rejuvenate and Maintaining your natural beauty


Welcome to 10Laser Medical Services Provider

We have well-trained Aesthetics Practitioners specialising in skin rejuvenation, providing highly professional non-surgical and skin laser treatments. Our aim is to provide you with treatments that are effective and provide natural looking results every time.


During the Covid-19 pandemic and the new working restrictions, we are now practising social distancing, therefore we will be treating one patient at a time.  Also, we will soon be offering mobile (skin treatments) services across the London area so you can be treated in the comfort of your own home (a trained female chaperone will be accompanied upon request).


Due to the coronavirus, we will only see patients who have booked an appointment with us. As this is an exceptional circumstance, we are not currently treating for Aesthetic treatments or walk-ins.

Our Aesthetic treatment services are now available. If you have any questions, or wish to book an appointment for a home visit or at one of our clinics, please use the contact us page to book online or give us a call.

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More clinic venues and opening dates will be announced soon!

COVID-19 Testing is now available at 10Laser Medical Services

We are now offering tests for Covid-19 antibodies, this includes blood and swab tests which are carried out at ProBack Clinic in London with a 98% detection rate for antibodies. Working in partnership with our London based Laboratory to produce fast results.  

Book your Covid-19 test now and we will provide you results within 24 hours. 

All tests are carried out and approved by Public Health England.