10Laser Clinic

COVID-19 Testing is now available at 10Laser Medical Services (Abbott method)

We are now offering tests for Covid-19 antibodies, this includes blood and swab tests which are carried out at ProBack Clinic in London with a 98% detection rate for antibodies. Working in partnership with our London based Laboratory to produce fast results. 

COVID-19 Online Booking for London Clinic Appointment


  • Covid-19 Blood Test £99 (results within 24 hours).
  • Covid-19 PRC Swab Test £149 (results within 48 hours). PCR swab testing is to exclude an active infection for travel or work purposes for asymptomatic patients.
  • Doctor Home Visit – *London Zone 1 – 4 only*  + £50 

    Our specialist phlebotomist doctor will carry out the clinical test at your address. This may take up to 15-20 minutes to complete the test. The sample will be taken back to the lab for priority results.

    Option to select this option on the form. Results received via email or text.

How can I test for Covid-19 at 10Laser Clinic?


10Laser provides two testing options for Covid-19:

Covid-19 Swab Collection Test- this test requires a combined nose/throat swab to be collected and sent to our laboratory for testing. This test is best to check if you have current coronavirus symptoms. Results will be provided within 24 hours.

Covid-19 Antibody Test is a blood test to detect antibodies produced in response to coronavirus  This test is also available at our London clinic and provides results within 24 hours, however depending on the current demand it can take up to 48 hours.


Due to the Covid-19 social distance regulations required by the government, we are currently treating one patient at a time, Monday to Sunday in Westminster, London from 10am -6pm.